Vela Luka

The largest city with a harbor on the island of Korcula 4,500 inhabitants. Located 48 km west of the town of Korcula. The city is situated at the end of the 7 km long and relatively wide bay of the same name, on the western coast of Korcula. Vela Luka is frequented resort as well as spas.

In the last 30 years has grown into an industrial center of the island (shipyards, fish processing and olives, winery, distillery, production of pasta). There is grown grapes, vegetables, fruit. Around the city of Vela Luka in the past were planted in abundance olive trees, local olive oil is among the best in the world and the production of oil from Vela Luka is the first place in all of Croatia.

Vela Luka is situated under the slopes of the hill Spilinski rat with a height of 150 m and the surrounding hills protected from cold winds, which contributes to the wealth of vegetation. Number of sunny days in a year exceeds 300 days.

Vela Luka has a ferry port, where ferries stop, catamarans and boats from Split, which continues to the island of Lastovo.

The Vela Luka is based road connecting all major places in the interior of the island, the side roads lead to other coastal towns and villages.

Vela Luka is also popular as a health spa Kalos. Treated here mainly respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and gynecological diseases, performs the rehabilitation of various orientations. The bay of Kale at the end of the harbor rise the springs.