Dalmatian cuisine

Traditional, old Dalmatian cuisine. The local raw materials, culinary specialties and procedures, as well as simple dishes such as Kamenice (oysters) – delicacy, sea shells, which it raw and have aphrodisiac effects


Ligne the heat, artichokes in oil, octopus with potatoes, marinated eel and many other recipes in this category Recipes

Fish and seafood

Octopus, sardines, squid, cuttlefish, fish ropušniceústřice, mussels, crabs. Guaranteed to purchase fresh local fish market, order the seafood specialty restaurant, or the fish themselves ugrilujete on the terrace of your apartment.

Olive oil, vinegar

Vela pods olive oil purchased in local stores selling wine and oil, suitable gift from Dalmatia. You can taste and buy local wine vinegar. Its flavor is excellent.

Fruits and vegetables

Tangerines, oranges, figs, grapes, blitva, Rogac, lemons, mushrooms. All purchased at the market, figs, lemons and other fruit grows wild around. On the walk you taste yourself