Best beaches in Croatia

How easy is it to find a family-friendly Croatian beach?

By Jane Foster

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Do you have any suggestions for a quiet beach near Makarska – something family-friendly (that’s code for fewer topless women)? We will be visiting my husband’s family and usually go to Makarska, but the thought of sweltering on that beach again with hundreds of half-naked strangers is giving me anxiety.
Rachael Simic

Jane Foster, Croatia expert

A There isn’t an easy solution here.

As a rule in Croatia, the more remote the beach, the more likely the people who go there will be sunbathing naked or semi-naked. There are basically two types of beach: (1) busy ones frequented by families and elderly holiday-makers (these tend to be close to towns and hotels, and most people will be wearing swimming costumes); and (2) peaceful, isolated beaches with no facilities, frequented by younger and middle-aged people (who generally come to Croatia because they like its open-minded attitude to naked bathing and will, therefore, be taking all their clothes off). More info